Welcome to the card tray

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  • In the page header a toolbar with the intitial of each surname is shown in alfabetical order; clicking on the initial generates a list of all corresponding surnames.
  • Click on a surname to view all persons Christian names and their date of birth; clicking a Christian name will show that person's personal record card.
  • In the card: clicking on a name will show that person's personal record card.
  • Clicking the icon will bring up the ancestry chart.
    Click on to return to the personal record card.
    In the ancestry chart: clicking on a person's name will move the chart to that person's ancestry chart.
  • Can be saved into any folder of your choice:
  • Go to File -> save as. Enter the file name e.g. the name of the reference person. A html file named 'reference person.html' together with a subfolder named 'chosen name_files' will be generated.
    In the new subfolder there is a.o. a html file 'internalnumber.html'.
    Open the 'internalnumber.html' file (= the card) and alter using Frontpage or Word.
    Make additions or improvements preferably using another text color.
  • Save file with File -> save. The new file can now be send!
  • Can be printed as an input form!
  • Go to File en select 'Print'.